terraprime (terraprime) wrote,

Music Monday

Been a while since I did it.

Here's a before and after edition.

The song was made famous by a pop icon from the 70s, 徐小鳳 (Priscilla Xu). It's called 風的季節 (Season of the Wind). It was a popular song when it first came out, mid 70s. Then in early 80s, Anita Mui won the first big signing contest with this song, and the popularity of the song rose even more. Since there, there have always been 2 versions of the song, one from Priscilla Xu and one from Anita Mui. I actually prefer Anita Mui's version, but then, I think she's the best artist of my generation. So it's no surprise.

Recently, there's apparently a third version by the group called Soler, who did a cover of it. I thought it's a reasonable update. It didn't really add much, but it's not horrible either.

So under the cut, the 3 versions.

The one from Pricilla Xu:

The one from Anita Mui:

The one from Soler:
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