terraprime (terraprime) wrote,

Oh, home

I'm not given to overly sentimental memories of home, especially since I'm really not that fond of many aspects of life in Hong Kong.

That said, once in a while, I do miss it.

On a whim, I downloaded the online streaming of one of the radio stations that I grew up listening to. I caught the 7:30 am news report, and in the 5 min segment, I learned:

1. Earthquake in Tibet in the early morning hours. Damage and death toll unknown yet.
2. Bank leaders meeting in Scotland with some sort of resolution to do better in the future.
3. Hilary Clinton's written statement on the up-coming celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall, complete with a brief description on the programmed events for that celebration.
4. The collapse of a bridge in the small country next to Spain, and the death toll.
5. Traffic news for Sunday morning.

When I watch the local news program here in middle Illinois, I'd be lucky if any foreign countries are mentioned. Even on national TV like NBC or ABC, it's really difficult to find reasonable report, let alone analysis, of foreign issues. In reality, the celebration of the Berlin Wall's demise has little effect on the lives of people in HK, no? But still, it made the news, because it's a habit of keeping tab on what goes on in the world. The parochial nature of most of the U.S. has never ceased to grate on me. This international outlook on life is one of the things I miss about Hong Kong.
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