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Music Monday

An independent artist from the Canto-pop of HK who is a mixed-ethnic child of Taiwanese and Japanese parents? Get real!

But yes, she is one of the pioneering underground music artist.

This particular song was actually sort of mainstream, because it was the theme song of the movie called "The Tokyo Tower."

Sorry, embedding was disabled by the person who posted the video, so here's the url:


The very last lines of the lyrics:

So many kinds of sadness
No need to hurry up the heartache
The sky is broad, the earth is wide
Don't give up yourself

The name of the artist is also a play on words. If we translate it directly, it means "Have ears, not words." The word 文 is also a phoneme of 聞, which means "to hear." So the name can mean "Have ears, cannot hear."

But the four words are actually two words taken apart. The two words are 郁斐, which happens to be her first name. Clever.
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