terraprime (terraprime) wrote,

Promotion Fail

So I was reading Salon, and out pop one of those ads. This time, it features the Economist. So, having bought issues of it on and off on my own, I thought: "Hey, look, a promotion deal for a magazine that I actually have half-thought of subscribing to anyway."

So I looked at the deal. It says that first year (12 issues) is only $12. The regular newstand price is $6.99. So, sweet!

Then I looked closer at the fine prints. After the promotional period ends, you will be charged $27 for every 3 months. That averages out to $9 per issue.

So, perplexed, I did the math. Basically, you're paying $8 extra every 3 months for the magazine. So, if you subscribe to the magazine for 3 years, you will break even. If you continue to subscribe after 3 years, you will lose money.

Of course, they tell you that as a subscriber, you get the special annual issue, as well as a focus issue that comes out every 3 months (each focus issue focuses on a specific topic). So, I suppose you can call it even, all things considered.

But to me, that just does not seem like a good way to entice new subscribers (no, I didn't sign up).
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